Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bringing in the new light, trying out LED bulbs

I was approached to try something new recently. I have partnered up with Home Depot to switch out all of my light bulbs in the house with new LED bulbs.
I was a little hesitant because when I hear LED I think of the early Christmas lights from oh 6-7 years ago , you know what I mean those glowing blue neon looking lights that people were putting on their trees. They were to save lots of money on the electric bill and were going to last a long time but if they looked like that who cares.
Here's the thing Canada has banned the sale of incandescent bulbs so when they are gone off the shelves they are gone....did you know that? I didn't know that until recently.

You can check out Home Depot's selection of LED bulbs HERE or check them out in store.

I know we have all tried the compact florescent bulbs right! I don't know about you but I have always gone back to the incandescent bulbs.

I was being offered a great opportunity to try out the new LED bulbs by partnering with Home Depot and so I accepted the challenge as it was offered.

I have now replaced 95% of our houses bulbs(we have a lot of bulbs) with LED bulbs. I selected a soft warm color light for all of our lamps and hanging fixtures as well as bathroom fixtures, and bright white for all of our pot lights.
I have to say I am very pleased with all the new light. The bulbs are all dimmable so I will be installing lots of dimmers ASAP.

 Lasts 22.8 years wow I won't miss changing those pot light bulbs, I have already changed all of our kitchen bulbs twice in 2 years.
 Over the next year I am going to see how these new bulbs impact our electric bill, this should be interesting to see. This pkg says saves $231.00 well that sounds great to me.
It's amazing how new lighting and better lighting changes a space, for instance our basement is no longer a dingy space. I had thought to replace some of the builder basic single bulb fixtures in our unfinished basement with track lights to gain light but it turns out just changing out the bulbs has made the basement much brighter and lighter which is so nice. The change in the bathrooms is amazing it is so nice to have the perfect lighting for make-up even on those dark winter no sun days which we have had a lot of lately.
 Here is the before of our pot lights
And the after ...the light is bright and clean I like it.

When you go to choose your new bulbs bring in what you are replacing and ask the Home Depot associates for help because you may need some help getting the right bulb the first time. 
They have a great display set up in the bulb dept to showcase the different colors and bulbs, everyone has a preference and it makes it easy for you to select what you like. 
So far my opinion is that I am pleasantly surprised with the new LED bulbs , big thanks to Home Depot for asking me to try them out... now how do I get them to let me try out a new HOT TUB!!! kidding....

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Michelle said...

Yep, I knew they were banning the incandescents. Federal law here. I HATE those fluorescent bulbs, with a passion. I don't like the bright white color, the taking forever to come on and warm up and light up completely. And the fact that you have to take your burnt out bulbs and find a center to drop them off at (there isn't anywhere near me). I could not believe what I read you were to do if you dropped and broke a fluorescent bulb with all of that mercury in them. Seriously?! And they are to be better for the environment? I don't think so. The EPA, a US Federal agency, said the average person spends over $40 a year on light bulbs. Luckily, I am not the average person because in 10 years of living here since we built our house, I haven't changed out too many bulbs, definitely nothing anywhere near $40/yr worth. We change out only a couple year, at most ($5 worth). We are big proponents of turn the lights off when you aren't in the room and open the blinds during the day. There aren't many trees here that even on a gloomy day, there is enough daylight with the blinds open.

So with the government again telling us what we can/cannot buy/use, I stocked up on light bulbs because I don't like the fluorescents and LED's are still expensive. ;) My hubby also works for an electrical wholesale house and they are always changing things and coming out with new things. If LED's are still around and give off a warmer light instead of the extremely bright white light, I will definitely get them.

Chris Kauffman said...

the LED turns on immediately and the warm light is comparable to the the incandescent bulbs. The bright white I have for the pot lights is surprisingly nice and good for the kitchen and task lighting.
I'm really impressed.

Jake said...

Yep. I knew, too.

I'm changing out as we speak. A few months ago I went with a few just to give them a try. I purchased the "Bright light when lit" bulbs from Home Depot. I've too have been surprised.

I counted up just yesterday how many and what kind I would need. I think the total came to 51-bulbs and totaled out at around $658.00. EEK. Counting changing out the chandy bulbs too. The prices running between $9-$14 for each bulb. At least I won't have to change them for another 22-years or so.

I know I've spent $700 or more in the course of the 40-some odd years that hubby and I've been married on bulbs. Probably that much on the one upstairs light that seems to blow every other day. That lamp has gotten one of the first LED bulbs I've tried out. Still going strong.

I did buy up a stock of reg. bulbs until I can slowly purchase the rest of what we need.

Glad to hear the pot/can lights work well. I was dreading having to change those knowing they might not work and I'd be blind in the kitchen.

Jake's a Girl

J. Almeida said...

I live in the US and our electric company offered an energy audit where they come to your house and tell you how you can save on your bill through insulation and things like that. Then they count the lightbulbs in your house and replace them all with energy efficient ones. We had 96 bulbs replaced and have been saving about $40 a month since!

Anoush Alexnder said...

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mike cooper said...

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