Thursday, January 14, 2016

trusses and beams and catching up

I haven't had time to blog at all and this post may take me several days to put together and to post but I thought I should post about my new table...I built myself a Restoration inspired truss table...Grey washed base with special walnut top with extensions. 

I embarked on our living room renovations just after Christmas ripping out the carpet to install more pine flooring and I thought adding beams would be a fun touch to add some much needed character. Just to recap I had painted the walls a deep grey blue and I had added bamboo blinds and white drapes and bought an ektorp sectional but that was pretty much was just in make due mode...I was waiting to rip out the last remaining carpet to be replaced with pine floors like in the rest of the main floor....yippee this is the last room to get pine flooring...I'm tired just thinking about it.
How amazing are box beams...pretty simple diy project...I added straps to conceal the separations between the pieces...there was no way I was going to be able to install these in 13' lengths without someone getting hurt so it is easiest to install the beams in pieces...the straps make the beam more interesting.
I was going to put the straps right up against the wall but my husband suggested keeping them out from the wall and I think that was a great idea....I added two decorative nails to each strap from Lee Valley tools just for a little extra texture and interest.

I love these so much and I will be adding them in my dining room as well.

I will be adding the pine flooring and staining it dark, building a console table for behind one side of the sectional, building two doors for the doorway to the kitchen...and most likely a picture ledge and we really want a nest chair...
 A few other projects worth mentioning would be the staircase ...I finally completed the paneled wall I had been planning. What a difference.
 I found a new brass light for the powder room.... sadly it didn't work with the mirror frame I had so I ripped it out, installed "shiplap" painted it the wall colour...flagstone by Martha Stewart bought a new mirror and that lead to buying a brass faucet because the existing faucet never worked well for the vessel sink..I have yet to install that obviously...I will at some point...I always get to these things in time.
I recently built a picture ledge and stained it a smokey grey stain...not for me but I will be making one for me.

I found out just before Christmas that my kitchen made it onto the top 10 list of coveted kitchens for 2015 for Style at Home magazine...what a huge thrill. 

Well I think that is all I have for now....hope everyone is well in your world...thanks for stopping by again until next time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

lots more to share

 I know it has been forever since I have posted but I have a good excuse...I have been busy and I am still struggling with wether or not I should keep this blog or not...I have decided I will keep it here as a resource just in case it will be helpful. I will post on occasion when I feel I have something to share....instagram is more my speed, quick pics, short blurbs and instant communication...
I am still struggling with the whole blogger thing as opposed to a person who has a I have Facebook but I am not a facebooker....anyway, to each his own....
Here are the pieces I have been's been tons of fun.
 This is for me, made from very old legs I have been hanging onto.
 My favorite table, I hope to build one for me very soon...
I finally created my dream round dining table for us, I just made this top out of rough pine and attached it on top of my existing table...I am in love with it.
 my biggest and most beautiful table with extensions

 another favorite, my first with extensions, unreal wood and finish

beam mantel made with rough sawn wood...

So there you have it...lots of eye candy...I am off to put my newly insulated garage back together so I can build more fun pieces.

Friday, August 21, 2015

hello friends

 I know I have been MIA for quite some time but I have a very good excuse....I thought I was busy before but let me tell you I was not! As I mentioned I started offering to make custom furniture and lets just say things are going well. I have been busy building and finishing furniture all summer...its been great and I love doing it but the summer has flown by.
I thought I would share some photos of the pieces I have made so far.
The bed above is my barn door bed...I am kind of in love with it, and the sidetable is an Ikea trunk I created a base and to for.
 I love the industrial wheels I found at Home Depot.
 I have almost finished Sophie's bathroom...I need to do a little grouting and the crown moulding.
 Here is one of my first outdoor table and bench combos
 A little buffet makeover for a client, I added wine storage and gave it a whole update.
 I created a palet wine rack out of new rough cut wood.
 My version of a shanty to chic of my favourite coffee tables.
 Oh and in case you missed it my shoot was featured in the August issue of Style at Home.
 A gorgeous set of tables with rough tops.
 A very beachy vanity/desk.
 Bed rails that are as cute as can be...powder pink
 Close ups of my barn door bed.

 my second barn door bed...I stain before painting when doing a distressed look
 a very beachy bench makeover
 a simple contemporary tv console with wheels
 My fave 8 foot outdoor table and bench...I am making one of these for my backyard but it will be 10 feet
 a super rustic one of a kind RH knock off coffee table made just the right size.
 look at those legs...I had them made locally
 A sweet vanity/desk for a sweet little girl

 look at that wood!!!!

 I moved a little lighting around...I love this light so much and it looks so much better in the kitchen

 Here is a room I have been working on for a friend of mine...together we have created the coziest room. Linen drapes are coming soon. That is an opening to a stairwell which is allowed us to hang a gorgeous light over the stairs and it is the centerpiece and focal point...the window in the stairs would be difficult to access window treatments so I came up with the idea of treating the cut out as a window and draping will be so much easier to close those drapes at night and it will add a great deal of texture and softness to the room. I just love this room. Revere pewter walls, rug from Lowes online, ektorp sofa and chaise and a couple of custom pieces by yours truly.
I love how the right stain can just bring the wood to life. I think this was special walnut with sun bleached applied seperately.
My husband created this logo for me...I love our little cartoon homestead.
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So there you have it, a much over due update...sorry its been so quiet...I actually haven├Ęt turned on my computer in ages...

Good bye for now...thanks for stopping by.